Group photo, September 2016. Left to right: Jun, Mehdi, Utkarsh, Gursimran, Ciaran, Eduardo, Bozhou, Sean, Talia, Paul.

Group Photo Archive

Sean Victor Hum
Associate Professor

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Utkarsh Patel
Ph.D. student

Thesis project: Fast analysis techniques for electromagnetic surfaces

Ciaran Geaney
M.A.Sc. Student

Thesis project: Multibeam reflectarrays

Dr. Mehdi Hosseini
Postdoctoral Fellow

Project: Polarizers for satellite applications

Gengyu (Paul) Xu
M.A.Sc. Student

Thesis project: Multi-band frequency selective surfaces

Min Yin (Talia) Xu
M.A.Sc. Student

Thesis project: Reconfigurable reflectarrays for satellite applications

Gursimran Singh Sethi
M.A.Sc. Student

Project: Low-complexity LWA-fed transmitarrays

Jonathan David Anderson
M.A.Sc. Student

Project: Low-cost ground penetrating RADAR systems

Amr Soliman
Ph.D. Student

Thesis project: Multiband and wideband dual-polarized reflectarrays

Jing Shuang (Lisa) Li
Undergraduate Student

Thesis project: Algorithmic design of electromagnetic surfaces

Name Position Organization
Bozhou Du (M.A.Sc. 2016) RF engineer Huawei
Liang (Tony) Liang (Ph.D. 2015) Antenna Engineer SpaceX
Jeff Nicholls (M.A.Sc. 2015) Antenna Engineer SpaceX
Catherine Kocia (M.A.Sc. 2014) Electrical Developer Synaptive Medical
Krishna Kumar Kishor (Ph.D. 2014) Assistant professor Ahalia University
Alvin Ho (M.A.Sc. 2013) Member of technical staff, antenna engineering MDA Space Missions
Natalie Jones (M.A.Sc. 2013) Hardware developer Ericsson
Dinesh Poopalaratnam (M.Eng. 2013) OTA/RF wireless systems engineer Apple
Guangran (Kevin) Zhu (PDF 2012) Research and development engineer Ansys
Yu (Derek) Zhou (M.A.Sc. 2011) RF engineer Huawei
Jonathan Lau (Ph.D. 2011) Founder Novlum, Inc.
Asanee Suntives (PDF 2011) Electronic engineer Seagate Technology
Chang Liu (M.Eng. 2010) Signal integrity engineer Apple