Welcome to the Triverio group at the University of Toronto!

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Research/Signal Integrity & EMC

Interference can be a critical issue in electronic products, from smartphones to airplanes! We invent new methods to address signal integrity and EMC issues. Our expertise is available to Canadian and international companies through partnerships and research contracts.

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Research/Mathematical Modeling and Simulation

Simulation techniques are nowadays strategic in many fields, but many real life problems are simply too complex for existing simulators. We invent new math to tackle them, pushing the boundaries of what mathematics can do to improve our daily life. Our simulation techniques find application in electronic design, antennas, and medicine.

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Research/Power Systems

Faults and lightning phenomena can threaten the distribution of energy to our cities, causing large blackouts. We develop better models and simulation techniques to help power companies predict such events, and design reliable power networks. Check out MoM-SO, our state-of-the-art method for power cable modeling!

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Our research received several international awards! Find out more here!

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The Electromagnetics group operates state-of-the-art laboratories, including: 67 GHz 8-port VNA for signal and power integrity, 6 m EMC chamber, mm-wave chamber, near field scanner, 7 m antenna range.

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Learn more about the courses taught by Prof. Triverio: ECE212 "Circuit Analysis", ECE259 "Electromagnetism", and his graduate course on modeling ECE1254 "Modeling of Multiphysics Systems

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News archive

August 2014

The paper of Prof. Triverio has been selected as finalist for the Best Paper Award at 2014 IEEE International Conference on Signal and Power Integrity

June 2014

Utkarsh Patel has been nominated to receive a Ontario Graduate Scholarship!

May 2014

Congratulations to Xihao Li (SGS Conference Grant) and Pushkar Bettadpur (NSERC USRA Summer Research Award)!

Triverio's group welcomes summer interns Aijia Gao, Pushkar Bettadpur and Rein Otsason!

April 2014

Yiwen Shen and Nima Yasrebi have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for their 4th year project on the simulation of the human cardiovascular system. Congratulations!

March 2014

Xihao Li's paper has been accepted for the 2014 IEEE Symposium on Antennas and Propagation. Good job Xihao!

New paper accepted for the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Signal and Power Integrity (SIPI 2014)!

February 2014

Congratulations to Xihao Li for having his paper accepted for the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS2014)!

November 2013

Prof. Triverio receives the John R. Evans Leaders Fund for the installation of an advanced facility for the measurement of interconnects

October 2013

New paper accepted for publication on the IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters!

August 2013

Paper "Reliable Detection of Causality Violations in Tabulated Scattering Parameters through Filtered Dispersion Relations" accepted for the EPEPS 2013 conference!

June 2013

Prof. Triverio announced as the Canada Research Chair in Modeling of Electrical Interconnects!

Utkarsh Patel's paper has been accepted for publication on the IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery!

Congratulations to Utkarsh Patel for being awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship!

May 2013

Prof. Triverio receives the Connaught New Researcher Award

An NSERC Discovery Grant is awarded to the group. It will support the development of advanced techniques for interconnect modeling for the period 2013-2018

Paper accepted for the IPST 2013 conference: congratulations to first author Utkarsh Patel!

March 2013

Congratulations to Utkarsh Patel for having his paper accepted for the SPI 2013 conference!