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  • G. V. Eleftheriades , Professor and Canada Research Chair
    Dipl.(N.T.U. Athens), M.S.E.(Michigan), Ph.D.(Michigan), FIEEE
  • (416) 946-3564
  • Research Interests: Metamaterials; Millimeter-wave integrated antennas and circuits for wireless applications; wave electronics techniques; low-loss Si micromachined components; design for high-speed digital circuits; fundamental electromagnetic theory.
  • Courses:  ECE 115S: Electricity and Magnetism
                       ECE357S: Electromagnetic Fields
                       ECE 524F: Microwave Circuits
                       ECE 1236H: Microwave and Millimeter Wave Techniques
                       ECE 1229H: Advanced Antenna Theory
                       ECE1228S: Electromagnetic Theory