• T. Emilie van Deventer , Adjunct Professor
    B.S.E.(Michigan), M.S.E.(Michigan), Ph.D.(Michigan), P.Eng.
  • (On Leave)
  • Research Interests: Electromagnetic compatibility; microwave circuits; numerical modeling and experimental characterization of microstrip antennas, guided-wave structures and high speed interconnects.
  • Recent publications:
  • T.E. van Deventer, P.B. Katehi, "Generalized Boundary conditions with applications to submillimeter and optical waveguides", Radio Science, vol. 31, no. 6, pp. 1407-1416, Nov/Dec. 1996
  • F. Jatou, T.E. van Deventer, "Modelling of high frequency multilayered interconnects using parallel processing techniques", International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields, vol.8, pp.233-242, 1995
  • T.E. van Deventer, P.B. Katehi, A.C. Cangellaris, "Analysis of conductor losses in high-speed interconnects", IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., vol. 42, No. 1, pp. 78-83, Jan. 1994
  • T.E. van Deventer, P.B. Katehi, "A novel method for the characterization of LSE-type dielectric waveguides", IEEE Trans. Magnetics, vol. 29, pp. 1584-1588, March 1993