Purpose: Learn the principles of designing modern microwave and RF circuits. Signal-integrity issues in high-speed digital circuits are also introduced.

Detailed Timetable and TA Information(Aug. 29, 2002)

Syllabus (updated, Aug. 29, 2002)



MIDTERM AND FINAL EXAMS (updated Nov. 11, 2002)

Schedule (Fall 2002)

Two Lectures per week (Wed. 11-12am BA1240 , Thu. 9-10 am RS310)
One Tutorial every other week (Fri. 4-5pm BA2179, Mon. 9-10am, BA2179)
One Laboratory every other week (Thu. 4-7pm and Mon. 9-12 am, BA3114 (Sess. I)/GB450(Sess. II) )



Microwave Engineering, by David Pozar, 2nd Edition, Wiley.


RF Microwave Wireless Systems, by K. Chang, Wiley (emphasis on systems).

RF Circuit Design, by R. Ludwig and P. Bretchko, Prentice Hall (emphasis on active circuits).

Grading (Fall, 2002)

Final Exam: 50%
Midterm Exam: 25%
Laboratories: 25%


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