Data and Time February 23, 2010, 3:00-4:15 PM
Location Sanford Fleming Building (SF), Room B560
Host Leon Yuan

Design and Characterization of a 6 x 6 Planar Reconfigurable Transmitarray

Jonathan Lau

The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Electromagnetics)


A transmitarray antenna, also known as an array lens, is a low-cost paradigm for implementing a high-directivity reconfigurable aperture, which is needed in satellite and radar applications. A transmitarray is to a lens what a reflectarray is to a parabolic reflector dish. These technologies enable conformal array antenna design, where an antenna needs to be incorporated onto an arbitrary-shaped surface. In this session, the design and experimental characterization of a planar 6 x 6 fully reconfigurable transmitarray at 5.7 GHz is presented. By tuning the resonances of the array element using varactor diodes, it achieves 240 degrees of phase agility with less than 3 dB of variation in transmission magnitude, in the tuning range. The design and fabrication of an array using the element is presented, and two-dimensional beamforming results are discussed. Not only is this transmitarray able to demonstrate full two-dimensional reconfigurability and beamforming as an array lens, it is also low-profile, low-cost, and easy to fabricate, making it very attractive for applications where real-time beam-scanning is needed.


Jonathan Lau completed his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Calgary, and his Masters degree in the communications group in ECE at the University of Toronto. He is currently working on his PhD in the EM group with Professor Hum, focusing on reconfigurable antenna arrays.