Data and Time Febuary 15 , 2011, 3:00-4:15 PM
Location Sanford Flemming Building, Room B560
Host Leon Yuan

Ultra-Wideband Propagation Modeling in Complex Tunnel Environments using Ray Tracing (download)

Neraaj Sood

The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Electromagnetics)


Wireless channel modeling based on Ray-Tracing has been a subject of  theoretical, numerical and experimental research for many years. With the recent growth of communications systems, a detailed knowledge of the propagation characteristics of realistic environments is important for efficient deployment of communication networks. This talk will present the work carried out to develop a Ray-Tracing based simulator which will be used to study the propagation ultra-wideband signals in complex tunnel environments.

Given Neeraj's astute sense of humor, this has all the promise of  being the funniest EMPS talk this year.


Neeraj Sood is an MASc student in the Electromagnetics Group under the  supervision of Prof. Costas Sarris.  He studies how wireless signals  propagate in various environments using Ray-Tracing.