Course Description

This course intends to provide a broad but firm exposure to the fundamental and practical aspects of modern microwave/mm-wave design of circuits, guiding structures and antennas.  The emphasis will be placed on planar structures in the context of current wireless commercial, space and scientific applications.  Planar antennas will also be treated since they have become increasingly important in many emerging wireless applications.  Projects will be assigned tailored to the interests of each participant with emphasis placed on using modern CAD tools.

Course Outline

Waveguide Concepts (potential theory, modal expansions, losses, slab waveguide and surface-wave modes), Transverse Resonance Technique, Transmission Line and Resonator Concepts, Planar Lines (stripline, microstrip, coplanar waveguide, asymmetric coupled lines, high-frequency limitations), Antennas and Antenna Array Concepts (radiation from dipoles and slots, directivity and gain, reciprocity and receiving antennas, Friis transmission equation, antenna arrays, Schelkunoff polynomial method, microstrip antennas), Active Circuits and Antennas (mixers, oscillators, active planar antennas and quasi-optical power combining).


ECE 320 or ECE357


[ECE 115S]        [ECE 424F]        [ECE1236H]        [ECE1229H]

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