Our research aims to evolve antennas from being passive transducers to sophisticated, dynamic elements of a radio system that enjoy the level of adaptiveness that digital and mixed-signal systems intrinsically possess. This vision is being realized through the development and experimental characterization of various adaptive antenna technologies and architectures, applied to a variety of platforms, from smartphones to satellites.

The research activities of the lab can be roughly divided along three lines, shown in the tree above. The group has its heritage and the bulk of its activities focused on the development of advanced electromagnetic surfaces. Many research activities in the second thread have been driven by local industry, seeking innovative solutions for antennas in handsets, for MIMO, and in vehicular environments (e.g. rail signaling systems). Finally, long-term research of the lab aims to make an impact in antennas for space applications. You can learn more about specific research projects by clicking here or checking out some publications.